How To Download Ezvid

Hey! I registered this domain and made this website because I was frustrated by a bunch of trick websites which had cropped up, which were advertising that you could download Ezvid from them.

Ezvid actually bans any other website from distributing its software, you can read it right here in their EULA:

2. RESTRICTIONS ON USE. You may not: (a) distribute, share, sublicense, lend, lease or otherwise make the Software available to any third party (on the Internet, an information network or tangible media, by broadcast or in any other manner),

So here is the main point — to download Ezvid, you must go directly to — do not go to third party websites.

To make it more clear, I put “download ezvid” into Google, and made a screenshot to show you the trick websites.


Also note that some of these trick websites are hosting fake or outdated versions of Ezvid… be very careful and do not install these!

You will know if you get a fake or outdated version if you get an error message that looks like this:

error message